Sunday, January 16, 2005

10:00 pm - Praise the Lord for His blessings. Tonight as the Coopers were telling Jonathan goodnight he began smiling. It was a perfect ending to the Lord's day. Thank you for your continued prayers and may the Lord continue to glorify Himself through His awesome work in Jonathan's life. Please remember to praise the Lord for these reminders of His presence.

8:00 am - Jonathan has continued to breathe on his own without the assistance of a respirator. We are uniting in prayer for Jonathan to wake up and for him to be able to swallow on his own. This week the Coopers anticipate having to make decisions about moving Jonathan to a rehab facility. Please continue claim God's promise for wisdom in James 1:5-8. Please pray for the Cooper family. We are specifically asking God to flood their minds with His peace. May they sense the presence of God with them today.

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