Monday, June 13, 2005

We hope you have looked through the new updated website. Hopefully it will be easier to get pictures up there for everyone to see. Doesn't Jonathan look great in his new glasses? He is doing so well with them. I don't know how much they really help him, but I think there is some improvement. He doesn't mind wearing them at all. Last Thursday, at pool therapy, he did a great job as usual. There was another PT who was observing during Jonathan's class. His therapist was talking to her about Jonathan, telling her that she sees him 3 times a week. She did say, however, that he probably wouldn't need to come 3 times for much longer because he is doing so well. That was great encouragement! On Friday, he reached a milestone - Jonathan no longer uses or rents a wheelchair. He had not used it in weeks, so we decided to turn it in on Friday. We are so proud of him for being able to accomplish this, only 2 months out of the hospital. He is still not using his walker either. He either walks on his own or holding our hand. He still tires very quickly, but we try to be very sensitive to that and not ask for more than he can handle. Jonathan came down with another cold over the weekend and was pretty miserable on Saturday and Sunday. However, we went to have dinner with a few other home school families out at their campsite at Lake Lewisville. After dinner, each of the children were presented with a certificate for completing their school work this year. Jonathan was able to stand with the others and accept his certificate and get his picture with the other kids. It was a sweet moment of accomplishment for him, even though he felt miserable. Jonathan stayed home from church on Sunday morning so he could feel better and be able to attend Vacation Bible School at our church this week. It was quite a tiring morning, but he was a real trouper and did everything he could to participate in all the activities. All the children in his group were very patient with him and didn't mind following at a slower pace. His little neighbor friend that he took was very attentive and made sure he stayed right by his side to help him get everywhere he needed. It was so sweet to watch everyone encourage him through the morning. We had to rush home, eat lunch and rush to therapy at 1 pm. Even after a tiring morning on his feet, he still walked 15 minutes on the treadmill, 2 minutes on each side by side and 3 minutes backward. Then he did squats for about 15 minutes with both feet and each foot separately. He was pretty worn out after that, but he is so good to never complain.
Please continue to pray for Jonathan. Pray for continued strength in his legs. Pray that his right leg and foot will grow stronger and that it will straighten instead of turn out, and that he will be able to walk on it properly instead of on the inside of it. Pray for endurance as he continues to work toward independence in his walking. Pray that he will be able to stay healthy. Continue to pray for his complete healing, especially with his vision and his diabetes. Praise God for His awesome healing and that we are no longer using a wheelchair and walker. How great is our God and how humbly we praise Him for all He has done in our lives! Thank you so much for your prayers.

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