Friday, June 17, 2005

We have finally come to the end of Vacation Bible School at our church. Jonathan was able to go all week and he held up very well. It was a long difficult week as we not only went to Bible School, but we also went to therapy all week as well. On Tuesday, as we were standing in line with the kids in our group waiting for our missions class, a little boy came up and asked one of the girls in our group which one was Jonathan Cooper. I heard him and said, "This is Jonathan Cooper." He looked at Jonathan and said, 'Hey man, we've really been praying for you." We found out that several kids in our group were part of one of the school classes that made and sent Jonathan get well cards when he was in the hospital. We had the most awesome kids in our group. They were very attentive and considerate to Jonathan, no one every rushed him, and by the end of the week, everyone was wanting to walk with him and fighting about who was going to hold the elevator for him. The snack staff did a great job of making sure he was able to eat snack every day and the rec staff sat with him and talked to him while everyone played. He was made to feel very included in every part of Bible School and we were very blessed by it all. Jonathan worked very hard in therapy on Tuesday and Thursday. He did several new exercises on Tuesday working on increasing his balance. On Thursday, he added running in place and jumping up and down on a step in the pool, as well as moving faster going up and down on the stairs. We went swimming on Wednesday afternoon and he worked on going under the water without a mask or holding his nose. Another sweet thing that happened this week was listening to Jonathan's sister Sarah share with him what she learned in Bible Study at VBS. On our way home on Wednesday evening, Sarah was sharing that she learned that God doesn't make bad things happen to us, but He allows them to happen for a reason. So God did not make Jonathan have diabetes and a stroke and have to stay in the hospital for a long time, but he allowed it to happen to him for a reason. And the reason is that those of us who believe in Jesus would get to see His power in healing Jonathan, and that those who don't believe in Jesus would come to know Him as their Saviour. It was such a blessing to hear her share so confidently about what she had learned and then take the time to help Jonathan understand it with her. God has truly blessed us with some wonderful children.
Thank you for your continued prayers. Jonathan is doing so very well. We are so pleased with how well he is doing. Please continue to pray for more strength and endurance in his walking. He are still walking without his walker, but he has a tendency to want to rely on us and holding our hands when he walks. Pray that he will become more confident in walking on his own. Pray for strength in his right leg and foot and for increased tone in both of his legs. Continue to pray for complete healing of his brain, vision and diabetes. We have been so blessed and praise the Father for His continued healing and provision in our lives. We thank God for each of you and the prayers that you continue to lift up on Jonathan's behalf. May God richly bless each of you.

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