Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dear Friends,

Once again I come to you to ask you for your prayers. We received a call this morning from Lamar's Dad around 8:00. He called to say that when he got up, he found Lamar's Mom sitting in her recliner; she was not breathing and she was cold. He called 911 and Lamar went over as soon as he got the call. She is indeed with the Lord at this time. I had to tell the kids as soon as they got up. It's not even 9 am yet and we have shed buckets of tears already. This is the first death in our family that we have had to experience and it is very difficult. I have not known this grief and cried this much since Jonathan was so gravely ill. This will be a difficult thing for our family to deal with as we are very close to both of our parents.

You all have been so faithful to pray for our family and we need you again today. Please pray for God's grace and mercy on our family and especially for Lamar's Dad, Lamar, his brothers Stephen and Chris and his sister, Ruth. Please pray for Elizabeth, Sarah and Jonathan as they deal with their first experience of death. Pray that they will not be afraid and that Lamar and I can minister to them somehow in the midst of our own grief. Pray that we will be able to focus on the blessings that this death means to Grandma Cooper instead of the loss that it means for us.

As always, we could not make it without you. Your prayers mean more to us than you will ever know. I will email again as soon as we know some specific details.

With love,

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