Friday, July 8, 2005

Thank you so much for your prayers for us this week. Let me share what God has done in answer to your prayers. We did not have therapy on Monday because of July 4. Jonathan was very tire Monday evening after our long weekend of camping, so he really did not enjoy the fireworks that we went to see that evening. I didn't know how he was going to be Tuesday morning, as we had to be at therapy by 10 am, but he woke up much better and we went on to therapy. He worked out in the gym. Last week, he walked 16 minutes at 1.5 mph and our goal is 20 minutes. Well, Tuesday, he walked the full 20 minutes without stopping! He didn't seem to struggle with it at all. He continues to walk 2 minutes on each side steps and walking backward. Those steps are very difficult for him, but they get better and better every week. Because he worked so long on the treadmill, there was not much time for the squat machine, but he did do two sets for his therapist after she raised the difficulty level. He did it perfectly. We were so proud of him. We made it one time this week waking up dry after a full night's sleep! Please keep praying about that. On Thursday, Jonathan had his pool therapy. He swam again, nonstop, for 20 minutes. He "rides the bike" for about 5 minutes and has greatly improved on that with each passing week. It is very hard to stay up straight; the tendency is to lean forward and almost float on his stomach. He was up straight most of the time, which means his stomach muscles are stronger and able to hold him up. He did side steps and marching while throwing/catching a ball with his teacher. He also did his arm weights without leaning against the wall and he never lost his balance. He did his stair step exercise, which he always does well, practiced running on the stairs, which he did well again, and added jumping up and down on the stairs, which he did great. During his therapy, I talked with his therapist about reducing his therapy to 2 times a week. She is in favor with that. When I asked if she had a preference of which one to drop, she said she really thought he needed more land therapy and would like to drop the aquatics, but she didn't want to do that if he wanted to keep the aquatics. I don't know if I shared about a conversation that Jonathan and I had together recently about dropping his therapy to twice a week. I asked him if he could choose to drop one of his classes, which one would he drop? He told me he would drop his pool therapy. I thought that was odd. I think everyone thinks he enjoys that the most. I told him that she would probably be the one to make that decision. So after praying about this for these couple of weeks, God answered our prayers by allowing us to drop the exact class that Jonathan would have asked for. She also shared that she has set new goals for him. She is going to work on jumping with him and begin working on jumping on the mini-tramp. So yesterday was his final aquatics therapy and next week, we will begin a new schedule of 2 days of land therapy a week. I shared with you when I asked you to pray about this, that I thought it would be a great encouragement to Jonathan. As I was helping him change his clothes after his class, I told him that she agreed to therapy two times a week and that she wanted to drop the pool therapy, just like he would have chosen. The look on his face was precious. He said to me, "We prayed about that and God answered our prayers! Isn't God good ?!" I asked him if he had been praying about it and he said that he has prayed about it every night when he is lying there going to sleep. I told him that not only had we been praying about it, but that I shared it with all of you and that you all had been praying as well. All the way home, he just kept saying, "Isn't God awesome?" Not only was he greatly encouraged, but he greatly encouraged me. What a blessing!
I can't tell you how important your prayers are to us. We feel them, they surround us and we continue to see God's answers to them regularly. Your faithfulness to pray overwhelms and humbles us. Please continue to pray for Jonathan. He faces new challenges ahead in therapy. Praise God for answering our request and allowing Jonathan to move to 2 therapies a week. Pray that we will continue to help in his exercise at home so that there is no regression. Pray for continued strength in his legs, ankles and feet. Pray for stronger muscles in his stomach. Pray that his weight will level out so that it is not a hindrance to his therapy progress. Pray for his attitude and determination to face the new goals his therapist has set for him, as well as the ones we have set together with him. Pray that Jonathan will continue to see and know God's power, strength, healing and answered prayers in his life. Pray that he will wait on the Lord to bring His complete healing in His own time. Continue to pray for healing of his brain, diabetes and vision. With the faith of a child Jonathan states, "Isn't God Awesome?!" And we sing, "Our God is an Awesome God, He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and love - Our God is an Awesome God!"

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